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A Complete Healthy Pantry

We have a wide range of healthy food options at Live and Blossom. Fill your pantry with us.

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A Complete Healthy Pantry

Wholesome meal prep, planned out to healthy perfection. Nurture your mid, body and soul.

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A Complete Healthy Pantry

Wholesome meal prep, planned out to healthy perfection. Nurture your mind, body and soul.

With a focus on wholesome foods that enhance your well being and support healthy body.

At Live and Blossom, we enjoy terrifically good food! Our mission is to provide you with tasty, healthy, nutritious meals that are loaded with diverse benefits from the inherent vitamins, minerals, and the broad spectrum of antioxidants and phytonutrients found in foods that thrive in nature’s bounty. We truly believe that wholesome foods are God’s provision to the creatures He absolutely loves.

Our Promise: Integrity and no compromises. 

From our use of Superior Aged Balsamic, Extra virgin Olive oil, Extra virgin Coconut Oil, Natural fresh Herbs & Spices, Certified Organic Spelt, Unrefined Raw Cane Sugar and other Premium Quality Products, we make extraordinary choices to stay devotedly true to complete Wholefoods that are best in class.

We are the 1st in the continent of Africa to bring the one and only multi-awarded Sitia Lasithi Crete Protected Designation of Origin Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Stories of Greek Origins and we are the sole distributor of these exceptional premium products in Nigeria.  

Our story, our life ​

Stories of Greek Origins called us “superior wholesome health foods establishment”. Our knowledge and expertise shaped by time and experience, coupled with our unwavering and uncompromising commitment to using only the best of the best, premium, carefully scrutinized and selected raw whole foods for use in all of our products set us far above par our contemporaries. Our goal is to inspire everyone to a life of freedom from the strong hold of food and the damage of poor food habits. We invite you to enjoy and thrive on a seamless wholefoods culture, commitment to exercise, and a continued renewing of the mind. We want you to Live and Blossom.

Sharing our knowledge 

We are connoisseurs of great food, and we enjoy a vast variety and diversity of pure foods from all over the world. We masterfully create by hand foods that are uniquely different, nutritious, and excellent in taste, while preserving the authenticity of the gastronomy that we create from around the world. Clean practices of maintaining an impeccable and safe working environment, and the observation of the uttermost hygiene in handling, naturally preserving, and disposing foods are part of our commitment and passion, and have been integral to our company culture since its inception. We wear it on our sleeves. It’s who we are.

At your service

L&B is the very antithesis of the mediocrity that had defined the Nigerian enterprise spirit in the last several years. L&B isn’t just about Wholesome Foods, it’s about Wholesome Living – their passion starts  with the spirit, works its way through to the soul and ultimately manifests in choices for a healthy body. It’s the reason I keep coming back 4 years on, and still counting.

Obafunke Alade-Adeyefa
Customer since 2014