L&B Products

Live & Blossom offers a full 3 course catering menu for individuals, businesses, homes, events and private parties. Bring complete nutrition to your guests.

Our pride is not only in the premium authentic foods that we use, but in our penchant for zero compromise. We NEVER use: vegetable oils, margarine, GMOs, refined salts and sweeteners, seasoning cubes, food additives, colors, and preservatives. Please send us an email or give us a call for an exhaustive list of our starters, to build your own menu, or for pictures of any item on this list. Since these meals are made to order, we are able to meet your specific dietary requirements for adjustments and other specifications. The majority of our meals are made with Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Fresh Palm Fruit Oil are very moderately used, specifically in a few entrees primarily for flavor. Our dine in and catering service are made to order; reservation and pre ordering are required 24 hours before service.